From the sympathetic voice of the songwriter comes a set of observant instructions for the modern day hero: any kid or adult who is connected—to the other humans, and animals and, yes, even objects, that decorate the scenery of their life. Clearly, Elliott Park has pulled off one of the great challenges established since the appearance of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan: he has protected the ability to see the world as only a kid can.”

Greg Victor,

Capturing the beauty in the mundane, magic in the mess, and lessons in everyday life is this week’s High Five, Just Be by Elliott Park. With some big words and big ideas, Elliott has created the sweetest of albums.”

Kinderling Kids Radio

With so many divisive forces in the world today, Park hones in on the pure, unadulterated bond between parents and offspring.”

Jeffrey Cohen (Geekdad)

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