1. Sugar Bugs

From the recording Fly Boy (Digital Download)

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Sugar Bugs

Sleeping late on a Saturday
Snoozing in the Sun
Somethings coming down the hall
Little giggles around our bed sneaking peaking up
Momma did you hear that sound down there crawling on the rug
Well I'm afraid to say for sure but I think we got them sugar bugs

Sheets and blankets everywhere
Laughing having fun
Everybody in their underwear
Three year old singing Lazy Bones, the boys are wrestling rough
Me and Momma fighting off a swarm of critters all over us
But I'm not sure we're gaining any ground with all these sugar bugs

My sugar bugs, sweet sugar bugs
Just one way to deal with you
Little bit o' tickles and a lot of loving hugs

Off they jump to watch TV
D'rectly I get up
There on the kitchen floor I see
Two cracked eggs and a pool of milk dripping from a jug
I probably ought to line em' up. Probably ought spank 'em one by one
Oh but have you ever seen them big ol' eyes on a little bitty sugar bug

Repeat Chorus

Monday morning 7 AM
I turn on all the lights
Well, well look who's sleeping in
Like a rollie pollie they're all curled up warm and tight
So I shake 'em and I bounce 'em, I push 'em and I give them toes a tug
Rise and shine you sleepy eyes, my sweet little sugar bugs
You better hide you better run I've got tickles and a lot of loving hugs

My sugar bugs
Sweet sugar bugs