From the recording Little Paper Angel

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The little paper angel came to life one day
In the tiny hands that carried her home from second grade
With a pipe cleaner halo and manila paper wings
They hung her on the christmas tree and she began to sing
She met a tinfoil reindeer and a snowman made of clay
Soon they were the best of friends hangin’ every day
The little paper angel taught ‘em how to harmonize
The snowman sang the low part and the reindeer sang the high

Christmas morning came at last with toys around the tree
Then as quickly as it came it passed and so did New Years Eve
Mama put the ornaments back into a box Don’t worry said the snowman... this happens quite a lot

Now the little paper angel is counting down the days
With her friends the paper reindeer and the snowman made of clay
And all through the year if you listen carefully
Way back in the closet they’re singing merrily